Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Sunday

Here are a few shots from our time with family over Easter weekend: 

I got to see my beautiful cousins and meet their beautiful, new babies! Out of seven female cousins in our whole family, five of us are pregnant this year. It's just been nuts. It was so fun snuggling their babes and watching the rest of the family ooh and ahh over the new additions. Our family get-togethers will never be the same! It was such a fun weekend. It was very relaxing and as usual, Aunt Jackie lavished delicious food and drinks on us. I'm always taking mental notes on her hosting skills (note: serve whipped cream to top on berry danishes and coffee).

Although a family weekend isn't complete without my brother and sister there, it was still really wonderful to gather with family over a holiday; something I really missed living down in California! Thank you again for having us, Jepsens! We love any time we get to be with you guys. 

I am 36 weeks! In the home stretch and getting as "ready" as possible before our little guy makes his debut. So far all that means is washing a few loads of little baby laundry and putting a box of PopTarts in my otherwise empty hospital bag.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A sweet, sweet Saturday

A few weekends ago, I was spoiled to death by my wonderful friends Melanie, Kat and Brittney with a baby shower. Having thrown a few showers before, it does not escape me how much work and time goes into something like that! Yet despite very full schedules (like moving out of state the same week or raising seven month old twins), they still made time to celebrate my little babe. I felt incredible loved and known by them! From the invitations right down to the Krispy Kreme doughnuts piled high on a cake stand, I was so happy.

Kat's lovely (and adorably decorated) home filled up on a Saturday morning for a brunch consisting of all my favorite breakfast foods and drinks. A serious highlight for me were the blueberry pancake cupcakes topped with maple frosting. Between those and the two or three mason jars full of chocolate milk I sucked down, I think I had more sugar that morning than in my entire pregnancy.

I enjoyed seeing my sweet friends of the northwest! This is my friend Chelsea, who I've been friends with for over ten years and now we are both expecting boys in late May! I have been really lucky to be pregnant alongside many of my friends. My pregnancy has overlapped with ten of my friends and cousins. Watch out people, it's contagious.

Besides the blessing of just being amongst my favorites ladies and treats, my favorite part of the shower was when guests were asked to share a piece of advice or a funny story about motherhood. Debbie had a bit of both to share and this picture captured the story perfectly. You don't even want to know what she is fictionally holding in her hand...

I am so thankful for all the thoughtful gifts that help me feel a little more prepared for his arrival! It was kind of surreal opening up packages with baby bottles and itsy bitsy pairs of pants. Made everything feel a little more real. Above is a hand-stitched quilt made with much love by Saki's mom. In case you don't remember, Saki designed and sewed my wedding dress for me. Talented genes swimming around in that family! I adore that blanket and constantly unfold it and smooth my hands over the beautiful squares. That picture doesn't do it justice!

Look who made it down for my shower! My fabulous aunt Jackie was down for the weekend and joined in on the celebration. She spoiled us rotten with a package full of infant Alabama football gear for Matt (including a baby fedora, which I pick up just about every day and squeal), the cutest onesie she crafted up and a beautiful Mose's basket with handmade lining in it! It's gorgeous. You will be seeing countless pictures of our little baby laying in it over the next few months, so I'll spare you for now.  I'm so glad she was able to come and I loved spending the weekend with her. 

This is my favorite picture from the shower. A sweet moment candidly caught as the party was wrapping up. I am so happy to live near my family again and enjoy all the time with my mom preparing for the baby. My parents have been a huge blessing to our little family as we adjust to a new city and gear up for a whole new season of life. I must admit, I miss the authentic Mexican food and constant sunshine that California has to offer, but I haven't once wondered if we made the right choice moving up to the northwest.

Thank you again, sweet friends, for coming together and planning a celebration that made me feel so loved. It was unreal sitting in a living room full of women from all different parts of my life expressing excitement and joy for a baby that isn't even here yet! Love you three so much.