Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Eats

My beloved Brittney has come and gone once again. I hate how quickly the weekend blurs by, especially when you have a best friend in town! No matter what we're doing, I always have a wonderful time with Britt. She sat at my work for a number of hours, entertaining me and keeping me company during my long and dreaded Friday afternoon shift. We really lived it up this weekend, food wise. Matt and I set aside our diet restrictions (except sugar, mostly) and feasted almost every meal! After work on Friday, Brittney and I went on a little date to my favorite Thai restaurant, Rice, where I devoured a huge plate of avocado curry. And by devoured, I mean I ate all the bites with avocado and then took home a box of leftovers. My lack of sleep over the past few days had caught up with me, so I promptly fell asleep on the couch around 9 and woke up to the end of a movie Matt & Britt had watched. (Morning people: marry a night person to entertain your guests when your bed time rolls around.) The next morning, I tip-toed out the door to work and came bursting in the door hours later, only to find the house quiet and motionless. After rudely waking everyone up, we all made a delicious meal of eggs benedict together. Surprisingly, the Hollandaise sauce was the easiest part (all credit given to my brother, who gave me verbal instructions over the phone while working the breakfast rush at his work), but it took all three of us to get the poached eggs just right. 

The rest of the day, Brittney and I did what we do best: shop. I took her downtown and showed her the boutique I work at a few days a week, walked around downtown and introduced her to my favorite coffee drink of all time: salted caramel americano.  Lucky for us, the renaissance faire was taking place in a park nearby so we saw what I have to assume was dancing and heard a few shout outs for a 'wench'.

I love spending time with this lady! Our day together went by way too quickly. After a day of shopping and then very briefly catching the sunset over the ocean, we came back home to Matt cooking up a storm. He cooked us an incredible meal, but not before he came waltzing into the living room carrying in cocktails he whipped up! 

After once again falling asleep on the couch for a quick nap (Brittney is a very patient woman!),  we stayed up until about 2:30 in the morning revisiting our favorite guilty pleasure, Grey's Anatomy. It felt like the good old days in college when we would avoid our homework, drink wine and catch up over last week's episode.

We finished off the weekend right with mimosas & breakfast downtown and then took our coffee up to Grant's Park, a beautiful park overlooking the city and ocean. I was so bummed on our way home from the airport, it felt weird to not have her with us anymore! Thanks again for visiting us, Britt! We love you so much.

Scripture Tea: another pawn in Matt and Brittney's game of who can give who the tackiest gift.

Hats off to this wonderfully dapper man who helped host my sweet friend all weekend! Not only did he help me host and cook for us, he also slept in the guest room without complaint all weekend so that Brittney and I could get in some pillow talk. Seriously, he is so sweet. Thanks again, my love.

Next up: the inlaws! My parents get here on Thursday evening for a quick weekend visit to celebrate my mom's birthday!


  1. Yea!!!! lOVE that your posted all about this cuz I was thinking of you two this week and how much fun I hoped/knew ya'll were having.

  2. oh i think it's about time that i come visit. sounds like you guys had a blast!

  3. Sounds like such a lovely weekend!

  4. So glad Britt could come visit! Looks like such a fun trip! I'm jealous.