Friday, June 7, 2013


Last Friday, Matt and I drove to Tennessee to spend the week with our good friends Joey and Christen in Chattanooga. We're about halfway through our time in the south and since Matt's aunt is making huge, measurable and unlikely progress towards healing, we decided to take a week off and explore some of the cities we're interested in moving to someday. Since its pretty close to our family in Alabama, Chattanooga has been on our list and it moved up a notch when Joey and Christen moved there recently. 

They're still pretty new to the city, so we got to explore their new home right alongside them. As usual, they have been incredible hosts and filled our days with fun plans, homemade spaghetti sauce and an incredible amount of patience for my constant concern of tornadoes. 


The first couple days there were pretty rainy, so after dodging a downpour from under trees on our way home from breakfast, we decided to catch a movie and then stay in, binging on Arrested Development. Christen and I walked down to the chocolatier near their house (a huge selling point for the city, in my book) with intentions of getting a cup of hot chocolate for our rainy Saturday night in. Walking three blocks in the humidity changed our minds pretty quickly, so we enjoyed iced mochas instead. 

We've liked the city a lot so far. It has a free shuttle system and a bike share downtown which makes it really easy to explore all the cute boutiques and incredible restaurants. 

I have a weeks worth of photos from our trip including shots of our day trip to Nashville and a chocolate cream pie recipe to share, but for now we're spending the weekend in Asheville, North Carolina (or as far as I can tell, the landing spot for any and all hippies in the south). 

                  Have a great weekend! 

(Please excuse formatting errors as I am blogging on my trusty iPhone from the road!) 


  1. First of all, SO happy to hear of Matt's Aunt's health improvements. Still praying for healing.

    Second, Chattanooga looks adorable! I've only travelled to the south once and it was a MAJOR culture shock for this Canadian girl. That said, I loved it and would love to go back again sometime soon. I also love that you and Matt are sort of 'city shopping'. How fun! I often joke with Ryan about packing it all up and moving to Ireland (or somewhere else far away) to have 5 babies and make a clean start, away from everything we've ever known...he thinks I'm kidding. And maybe I am. Not sure yet ;) Regardless, I'll happily live vicariously through you and your 'potential cities' exploration.

    1. Thanks for your prayers Car. It's definitely the healing hand of God because all her doctors are blown away by her improvement! So thank you so much.

      I could totally see you hanging in Ireland :) think of the fabulous accents your children would have! :)

  2. I am already prepared to come visit you when you move to the south :) and the fact that they have bikes there is a huge plus!