Friday, October 18, 2013

Please excuse the PDA

Back in April, we did a photo shoot with our friends Zach and Loretta who are entering the world of photography together. She suggested we do a themed shoot, putting a meal together and going on a picnic. I was pretty excited, because not only do Matt and I love picnics, but just a few Aprils ago, we stopped by Trader Joe's, put together a picnic, ate it over-looking the city and Matt proposed! We only have one picture from that night (us grinning stupidly into a camera phone with my hand in front of us), so this kind of felt like the engagement photo shoot we never really had. Here are some of my favorites from the day:

It was a really fun day and even though Zach and Loretta are two of our close friends, they were incredibly professional and at times I even forgot they were there as we sipped wine over-looking the city.

They took some in our house too, which are especially dear to me since we ended up frantically moving out later that month. I'm so thankful to have some new pictures of us together and excited for our talented friends!

Zach and Loretta work for Marianne Wilson Associates and their contact information and portfolios are available here


  1. Oh you know, just DYING over these pics!! You both look amazing and these photos couldn't be more lovely. What a treat! Happy you got the opportunity to relive your engagement. So fun.

  2. CARLY! These photos are so SO precious! Thank you for sharing these. xoxo