Thursday, December 19, 2013

Simple Wrapping

Wrapping presents is (almost) my favorite part of giving them! I love any form of decorating, I suppose. When we were in Portland last month, I grabbed a few cloth bags at my favorite local craft store. They were only .50 cents each and I thought they'd make perfect gift bags for small presents. I used trimmings from our tree and a few decorative berry branches to make them a bit festive.

I used a small, round lid to trace a circle on a brown paper bag and punched a hole to make a gift tag.

I picked off a couple needles from the end and slipped the stem into the knot of the drawstring. The berry branch is made of wire and easily secured everything together.

Super easy and December-y and rustic and fun.

Like I said, it's perfect for small gifts, especially jewelry. And attaches really well to Christmas cards!


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