Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A bit of May

I cant believe we are almost halfway through May! I've been counting down to this month since September as The Month the Baby Comes. And now, here it is, just minding it's own business, casually passing by.

We have had a wonderful couple weeks. The weather has been grabbing us by the hand and leading us towards summer, giving us crisp air and clear skies. It's been HOT the past couple days and as I look ahead to a week of weather in the 80's, I say a little prayer for women who will be pregnant over the rest of the summer. Lord have mercy. 

The day before Cinco de Mayo, my mom and aunt threw us a fajita-filled party in celebration of our sweet baby. The house filled up with familiar faces and delicious Mexican food and I spent the evening introducing Matt to my parent's family-like friends. (I tried to supervise as best I could, considering most of these people have known me since the day I was born and have plenty of potential blackmail material...)

We were so blessed by that night! I was so grateful for each and every generous gift given to us, but I was especially moved by the blanket my mom's friend Sally made for our baby. It is so soft and perfectly woven together, in the the most beautiful icy blue/gray yarn! I treasure it so much, and it's not even mine! The crafter in me knows how much work and time goes into a gift like that and we appreciate it so much. It's waiting for him in his Moses' basket for when he arrives home!

Thank you again, Sally!

This past Saturday, thanks to the wonders of technology and the generosity of my mother-in-law, I sat in on a Skype baby shower with family in Alabama! It was so sweet. Packages were arriving in the mail weeks before, with notes insisting I don't open them until the party. Friday afternoon, the doorbell rang and I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! Barbara thought of everything; she even had Matt pick up a little pink box of cupcakes from the bakery. It was so sweet and so fun to get a little time in with our family out there. This baby has some pretty wonderful grandmas and aunties! Thank you so much, family!

On Sunday, I enjoyed celebrating my wonderful mother. Her last mother's day before she has to share it my sister and me! We enjoyed a delicious brunch at the restaurant where my brother cooks, which kept us happy & full until about 8pm. After that, we enjoyed Guatemalan brisket tacos, one of Matt's many knee-buckling meat creations. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was so glad to be with my mom. I can't remember the last time I was with her on Mother's Day.

I love her so much! 

On a much more hormonal note, I have been so overwhelmed by how much love and generosity we've received in anticipation of this baby. As I was putting things away in the nursery yesterday, I looked around and realized everything in there has been a gift from someone. Everything from the dresser-turned-changing-table I was gifted a couple years ago, to the baby shoes lined up, to his precious Moses' basket, to the banner strung on the wall (made by his auntie Brittney!), to the quilt folded over his crib, is an extension of love to us from the people in our life. There have been some moments of panic over the past 9 months, where I wondered "how we were going to ___", but God has met every one of our needs so far and we have been immensely blessed. Thank you for loving our baby so much! 


  1. This post is so precious Carly. Your family and friends have totally lavished you with love in anticipation of your baby boy. What blessings to receive! And the Skype shower from your family in Alabama?! I teared up reading about that part. Such a beautiful gesture! PS. Praying for you both as the little man's arrival gets closer and closer :)

  2. Oh yea- the skype shower!!!!