Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo Transfer

Since it was our first anniversary, I wanted to make Matt a gift that reflected something from our wedding. As most brides say, it was a really special day and I wanted to give him something that would help us remember that. During our first dance, my incredibly talented friend Rachael sang our favorite Beatles song while her husband played the fiddle.

Using a jet ink photo copy of this photo, I followed the easy steps listed from one of my favorite DIY blogs with only a few alterations. Instead of a canvas, I used an oversized wood chip I picked up at my local craft store. After transferring the image, I used letter stamps and waterproof ink to spell out a few lyrics. Also, I didn't paint a clear coat on at the end because I liked the unpolished look better.

This was a pretty simple craft that was a lot of fun to do. It is a bit time consuming and needs to dry overnight, so give yourself plenty of time! I loved it and can't wait to use other pictures to make a few more.

The only thing I would change if I did this project again would be to tear the edges of the picture before transferring it to the wood to achieve a more organic look. 



  1. Wow, I've done this with a pen before, but the goop sounds way easier (if not messier :) beautiful!

  2. Fabulous!!!! (You know, something like that would do well at the auction... :) Really, Car, that is adorable. How did I get such creative kids? oh yeah, now I remember--my husband!