Friday, September 7, 2012



One of the best weekends all year. We felt so relaxed! Full of exploring, swinging, resting, laughing, snacking, celebrating, and looking out for bears. Our cabin was the perfect combination of rustic and modern, tucked away in the woods, completely isolated. If we weren't joking around on the tire swing infront of the cabin, we were driving into Yosemite to explore for the day. The animals in the park were so unfazed by people, it made me feel like a Disney princess to be able to get so close to them. We spent one afternoon in town, browsing old shops and buying souvenirs, and went out for an anniversary dinner that night. I found a beautiful mint & cream dress from 1940 in a thrift store! Gotta love a dress with a story, right?

Yosemite was an incredibly beautiful place to spend a long weekend away, I hope we can go back in the winter and see some snow! (Forget snow, even a waterfall or two would be nice. This Oregonian is not use to droughts!)


  1. Great pics!! Tell me about the one that scares me even to look at it! how did you pull that off?

  2. Carlie.... You ARE a Disney Princess :) beautiful anniversary weekend!