Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rustic Wrapping

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is wrapping up gifts! I love a little sparkle as much as the next girl, but this year I went with a more rustic vibe. I went on a walk through one of my favorite parks and gathered up a few branches, pine cones and twigs and placed them on my brown paper packages tied up with string. 

My favorite one so far is not pictured below but involves a sprig of rosemary from our plant outside.

I'm still working on making some gift tags, but these gifts look right at home tucked under our little tree all the way from Oregon. 

Bring the outdoors in! (Spiders not welcome.)


  1. in the midst of it all, she still finds time to make her gifts look adorable. like the oregon girl you truly are! :)

  2. I just want to know when you'll have your own TV show. Carly's Creations....

  3. Love the wrapping, Carly! It makes me miss Marly...

  4. Very nice; you are talented. Too bad all the gifts you sent to Oregon for me to wrap will not be anywhere near as cool looking; but I'll give it my best! Miss you...

  5. very nicely wrapped! For this past christmas, i wrapped my gifts similarly with kraft paper for a rustic theme too :)