Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Cheer

We had an incredibly cozy, lovely and joyful Christmas together. We missed our families a lot, but it was kinda fun to celebrate with just the two of us in the morning. We woke up early, flipped on our electric fire place and turned on Nat King Cole while delicious scones baked in the oven. (Fisher fair scones to be exact. The most moist and delicious scones you will ever have!)

After opening a few gifts and watching a couple Christmas movies, we headed over to Alan & Cynthia's house for card games, Grandma's macaroni & cheese and lots of laughter. Our only set back the whole day was keeping an eye on the weather app on Matt's phone after hearing about some tornado outbreaks near his family in Alabama. Thankfully, the storms passed and they were kept safe. Praise the Lord!

We're excited to see them all in a few short weeks when we head out there for some family time!


  1. is it just because it's christmas time that all your pictures look incredible? i LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of your hands kneading the scone dough. and obviously wonderful gift for matt!

  2. Hi Carly,
    Fun pictures. We missed you here for sure, but glad to hear you had a great one there; and that you are carrying on some great traditions. You inherited a great love for Christmas from one of the best. Mom still gets into it big time, even with an empty house. But we also had a great holiday and we're looking forward to a great New Year. Love you both, -Dad