Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Not-So DIY Camera Bag

 Whenever I carry my camera around, I usually just end up wrapping it up in a scarf and sticking it in my bag (I know, alarming..), but when I got a new lense for Christmas, I decided I probably needed to invest in a suitable camera bag, especially for our trip coming up. I wanted something small that would protect my camera, but still fit into my purse. I liked the idea of a camera bag insert, especially after seeing this one on Ona's website. Then, after seeing this little cutie on Pinterest, I got inspired to make my own.

 Unfortunately, I don't have much of a how-to to share for this project! I bought 1 inch thick foam and water-proof fabric at the craft store (you can find foam in the back by the pillow inserts) and used an old belt for the strap. After a long day at work, I came home, poured myself a glass of wine and turned on Lord Huron. In need of some serious craft therapy, I attempted to hand sew this guy.

I traced my camera on the foam and cut out a rectangle and three squares, all the same size, for the wall and sides. After I laid out my foam pieces on my fabric to trace them out, I got overwhelmed at the idea of hand-sewing all of them after several glasses of wine and no dessert. The next day, I took my poorly-cut scraps over to my friend Louri's house and she sewed the bag together for me in under 20 minutes! She sewed them all inside out, then flipped them in and added the foam. She sewed a flap to wrap around the whole thing, with a square of foam inside the top part. 

Sorry I don't have step-by-step instructions, sometimes you just have to wing it. And by "wing it", I mean impulsively start crafting, panic and have your nice, seamtress friend finish your project for you. Thanks, Louri!

Fits perfectly in my carry-on! 

Next up: a new camera strap that my husband will feel comfortable wearing as well. Which probably means my lace idea is out...


  1. It's perfect! I super love it! Um, make me one! M and I just got a new Canon t3i and I always do the scarf wrap around :) ha!

  2. Thanks for giving me props! I think it turned out pretty great. ;)

  3. Such a great little camera case!! Good work and safe travels :)

  4. And me thinking I was the one wrapping a scarf around my camera...
    You know what people say, great minds think alike! ahahaa!
    Love the belt wrap around! :)