Saturday, March 2, 2013

A silly, little post about coffee.

That quote is anonymous, probably because it's been mumbled by so many people that it's hard to pin down the original author. When I first started drinking coffee, I'd slug down anything someone put in front of me as long as there was access to cream and sugar. After living with Bethany for over a year, a true Italian who wouldn't interact with me until there was a mug of coffee in her hand (we actually made a rule of it), I got spoiled with well made (and very strong) coffee and now I can't go back! I can barely choke down Starbucks these days.

I usually drink coffee once I get to work or grab some downtown (I'm an Americano addict), but I'm constantly pursuing a good cup of brewed coffee at home. For a while I was making French press, then using a Keurig (that was a giant step down) and then a single cup French press which was either burn-a-hole-in-my-stomach strong or too watery. (I swear, I make a pretty good barista once I'm at work surrounded by quality machinery...)

For now, I've been using a ceramic pour over. Last summer, I was having yet another great cup a joe with Bethany and she introduced me to the 70's classic. You place it over your coffee mug, lay a paper filter (I get mine at Trader Joe's; they're biodegradable!) and scoop a couple of tablespoons of freshly and finely ground coffee inside, pour hot water over it in a circling motion and in a few moments you have the perfect cup of coffee. A tip from the pro herself: the stronger you want your coffee, the slower you pour the water.

My favorite way to drink coffee is with a scoop of raw honey, (great antioxidant that stabilizes blood sugar and promotes digestive health), a dash of quality cinnamon (also regulates blood sugar) and of course, lots of cream. Cream, wonderful cream. Cream in my coffee is the one thing I can't cast aside during all these diet changes. It has very little sugar in it and is hands down my favorite part of drinking coffee, so why omit it? Life is short, right? I've been indulging lately and buying the "cream top" milk from Trader Joe's. Skimming the cream from the top to stir into my coffee makes me feel like I'm sitting on a porch in the south on a big farm, relaxing after morning chores.

I picked up this tin of cinnamon in a country store in Alabama and I can't seem to find it anywhere else around here, but it's the best! I never realized there could be a difference in cinnamon quality...

This honey was left in the cupboard after our roommate moved out (thanks Nathaniel!), and although I prefer local honey (helps with allergies), this has impeccable, strong taste and a little goes a long way so it's lasted us quite a while.

Honey, cream and cinnamon create the perfect and most delightful cup of coffee I've had yet. Bethany, who adds only a splash of cream to her coffee, is probably ashamed of me right now with all my dessert-like tendencies, but it is so good!

After having a couple visitors last month, I realized I need a more practical way to prepare coffee when I'm making more than one cup, so finding a fancy, new coffee brewer last weekend was a definite score. But most days, I only have time for a cup or two at home so I use the pour over.

But I'm curious, what are some other ways to brew a single serving of coffee? Any and all recommendations welcome, unless it involves instant coffee. (See how far I've come, Beth?)

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  1. oh if only i drank coffee, i might have some tips for you. our roommate loves the pour over method as well!

    love the homemade honey spoon. you scored with that one!

  2. We do pour over! I recently found out you are supposed to wet the filter first so that the first good flavors of the coffee don't get soaked up in it!

    1. Oh that makes sense! Thanks Tracy!

  3. I am proud, Car. I'm back to doing the old french press thing. And I also am now an almond milk girl, which translates to my first two cups of coffee in the morning being black and my "afternoon delight" having unsweetened almond milk and honey. I just read about how good honey and cinnamon are for you together so maybe I'll start adding that also. Did I just admit to a minimum 3 cup coffee day? Yikes. I suppose I've been dragging you in the addict direction for awhile now. Try to stay out of the minimum 3 cup zone.

  4. Mmm... I love a great cup of coffee. I enjoy mine with pure maple syrup.

  5. Keurig does NOT do good things for coffee! Mom has one and David and I buy our own coffee when we're there. Once you know the difference between good and bad coffee it's amazing how many coffee shops and roasters do it poorly. Good coffee is VERY hard to come by here so we mostly stick to unsweetened, 4 shot lattes. It does make it hard to entertain when all's we got is an espresso-one-coffee-at-a-time machine. ergo- I offer tea to guests :)