Friday, March 15, 2013

 It must be the Oregonian in me. Every year, I welcome spring with open arms, as if it's the first spring I've ever experienced. Carrot cake must be made, bright colors must be brought out and every bloom spotted is exciting. Of course, the eight days of winter that southern California experienced this year were bearable, it's just that winter as a season of life felt especially long this time around. So I can't help but jump on the bandwagon with everyone else who is looking forward to some much-needed sunshine, figuratively or literally. 

After pruning our plum tree a few days ago, I got inspired and the next thing you know, our house is peppered with spring blooms.

My work schedule has been pretty crazy lately and there's been a lot going on with us, so Matt and I are taking my unexpected weekend off pretty seriously and going on a mini getaway! 

It may or may not involve hot springs, flea markets
and a couple of appointments for much-needed massages for some tense shoulders...


  1. First of all, those blooms are exquisite!! Love to see pops of spring colour around the house! And I agree, winter as a literal and figurative season did feel especially long for me as well. I'm happy to see spring just around the corner! I hope you two have the most delightful little getaway! Enjoy :)

  2. Oh gosh, I'm definitely all about welcoming Spring! Loving these images around your home :)
    xo TJ