Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An ode to London & Eve.

After wrapping up our time in the south, we packed up our rental car and drove 12 hours to visit some friends near Austin, Texas. We were greeted by the sweet faces of London & Eve (and Leo the rat) and enjoyed nearly ten days soaking up their stories, laughter and overall joy.

The last time we saw the Gerhardt family was nearly two years ago, on the day of our wedding, at the end of the aisle after London & Eve had trailed flower petals. Justin & Jenn are two of Matt's best friends that he considers family and I got to marry into the wonderful relationship he has with them. Visiting them was the perfect ending to a long two months in the south. 

We love the city of Austin and we love the Gerhardts, so our visits with them are always great. Our time with them in the past has always been pretty short, crammed full of site seeing and late nights trying to catch up with them and get a glimpse of the city. This trip was really special. We just got to jump in on their lives for the week and be a part of their family. This included, but was not limited to: singing songs in the car, giving piggy back rides, turning them into human pizzas, spotting mermaids in the pool, pouring cups of apple juice and shamelessly taking pictures of just about everything they did. (Can you blame me? Look at them!)

Not only do Justin & Jenn do a spectacular job of parenting them, they are also just great kids, full of wit and personality way beyond their years.

This is my favorite picture I took our entire trip there. It's perfectly candid and captures exactly how wonderful it is to be smothered by their love and energy. (Not a bad shot of Leo either!)

It was especially wonderful to watch Matt with the girls. I've always known he's great with kids (better than I am), but his love and adoration for London & Eve turns me into a giant puddle of when-can-we-have-kids-lets-start-now. (Sorry Mom, not yet.)

We love you London and Eve! Don't grow up or change at all until we come back to Texas.


  1. Beautiful beautiful girls!! Nice job Justin, Jenn, and God! I'm patient hon, but these pics sure fuel the fire of my imagination! Put curly hair on those two....
    Wonderful blog and homage to your dear friends in Austin love.

  2. holy cow. i didn't think it was possible for them to get any cuter, but it is! i sure hope this is a glimpse of the future and what we have to look forward to- adorable children and endless pictures of all the fun you have with them, since it's obvious that i'll be living states away from you at that point, if we continue in our current trajectory.