Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bits & Pieces of August

August has been going by pretty slow, which has been nice as we transition back to our lives in California after our time in the south. This last weekend, we celebrated alongside our friend Josh as he got married! A while ago, Josh had asked Matt to cook up something southernly-delicious for his rehearsal dinner. He chose his highly-coveted pulled-pork sandwiches, his grandmother's macaroni and cheese recipe and good ole' baked beans. Pork has only been in my life for about a year, but if it means anything, he makes the best pulled-pork sandwiches I've ever had. And I've been bouncing around multiple states in the south, people. He's absolutely perfected his recipe, making the rub and the barbecue sauce from scratch, so this was by far the best batch of pork he's ever barbecued. I always forget how much I love Matt's cooking until I have it.

Things were a little crazy around here last week, but when we were all sitting around outside under strung bulb lights drinking basil strawberry lemonade and feasting on a plate of southern cooking, it was all worth it. I love hearing people rave about Matt's food. Of course I think it's good, but hearing person after person tell him it's the best pulled-pork sandwich they've ever had, it makes smelling like barbecue sauce for a week all seem worth it.

Their wedding on Saturday was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony and reception were held in someone's incredible backyard, facing the hills on the most perfectly clear and warm day. Because our husbands were both groomsmen, Bean and I got to enjoy our usual routine of being each others dates and keeping each other company on the dance floor. It was a really fun night of catching up with friends and celebrating the Lewis'. We are so excited for Josh and can't wait to get to know Courtney!

Speaking of weddings, I get to go home tomorrow and spend three weeks in beautiful, summery Oregon helping my sister with her wedding! This trip is such a gift and part of the many, uncountable blessings-in-disguise we experienced when we went to the south this summer. Before we went to Alabama, I had arranged to get three days off for Ashby's wedding. Now, because of how everything ironed out with my boss, I get three weeks off to go home and start work again the day I get back. I would've missed out on so much only being there for three days. First of all, I haven't even seen my sister in a year! Secondly, I haven't met her Canadian love of her life yet and thirdly, I love Oregon and it's filled with all sorts of friends and family I need to see. Including several pregnant friends with bellies to rub and talk to. (Am I allowed to do that if I ask first?)

I've been keeping myself busy with her bridal shower, another huge thing I would've missed, and having way too much fun on Pinterest. (Thank God there wasn't Pinterest around when I got married, I was already a pretty indecisive bride..) But mostly I'm just really, really excited to see her get married. I will feel much better sending her back to Kenya as a married and well-loved woman! 

See you tomorrow, beautiful Northwest. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely month so far! And how exciting...your sister is getting married! So happy things worked out and you get to spend more quality time than expected, celebrating such an important event!

  2. Now i'm seriously craving pulled pork. Your three week vacation sounds amazing!! I love catching up with my siblings, there is nothing like those special relationships, even if it has been a while :)

  3. Very nice photos!! :)
    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!