Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some bridal showers.

This weekend I had the privilege of throwing my sister a bridal shower! Ashby is bright, beautiful and a lover of flowers and color, so I thought it would be fitting to smother her celebration in flowers and bright, cheerful shades (gray and white are my usual color palette, so this was good for me).

I love any excuse to craft, decorate and bake, but I knew I would need help executing all my ideas, so I brought in the big guns: my fabulous Aunt Jackie. This woman puts Martha Stewart to shame. She and my cousin Danielle came up for the weekend to lend me a hand. Danielle worked hard running errands with me and steaming table cloths while Aunt Jackie rescued the strawberry macaroons, baked up several batches of her famous chocolate chip cookies and helped me bring all my ideas to life. Not to mention the six or seven loads of dishes she did during her 72 hours stay as well. It was not only incredibly fun to have them around, it was also a life saver! They helped so much, worked so hard and made everything so enjoyable. Thanks again you two! I love you!

Aunt Jackie's cheesecakes stole the show. Bailey's Irish Cream and White Chocolate? It was hard to choose. So I just shamelessly piled a slice of each on my plate and endured the stomachache (worth it!).

Once we were all gathered around to watch Ashby open gifts from her generous friends, I had her share with the group how she met her fiance, Abram, and the story of their engagement. I got so emotional watching her eyes light up as she told the story of their love, the corners of her eyes crinkling from smiling so much. So many times, Ashby has been a guest at a party like that, sitting and listening to someone else's love story. It was so blissful to watch her share her own.

 A couple days later, I got to sit back and be a guest at Ashby's other bridal shower. Two of my mom's best friends (and practically our second mothers), Sally and Robin, hosted a beautiful bridal shower for Ashby in Robin's home. It was such an amazing party. Ashby is very loved! The room was full of women tearfully gushing about their relationship with Ashby and the joy they share with her as she enters into marriage. Even though the living room was overflowing with guests, the party still felt intimate and personal as we shared marriage suggestions and stories about the bride-to-be.

An additional treat to the afternoon was getting to spend time with the couple that introduced Ashby to her fiance! You gotta love a successful set-up story, right? Thanks again, Sharon and Al!


I had so much fun celebrating you, Ash! I can't believe we're both in the same country, let alone the same house. 
Only ten more days until you marry your love! 

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  1. Yay! So happy for your sister and for your family. Looks like a couple of lovely days spent celebrating her and her upcoming wedding :)