Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

 My beloved Brittney came to visit this weekend! We've had a lot of visitors this month (Oregonians need a bit of sun this time of year) but Britt was our last one. We have been counting down the days until we got to see each other for months and then of course, when she finally gets here, the weekend flew by. Britt is one of my best, sweetest, most thoughtful and loyal friends. The fours years I spent in Eugene, Oregon are filled with memories of us together. She is one of my favorite human beings. That girl has style, class and a seriously adorable laugh!

We spent our weekend enjoying delicious food, the warm sunshine and sweet wine. It was NOT enough time, but it will hold me over until the next time I get to see her. 

Another weekend highlight was celebrating this beautiful lady's birthday! Happy birthday to my lovely friend Bean!

Three-day weekends are the best. It was very sad to take Brittney to the airport and watch her leave, I can't wait for her to come back! 

P.S. If you didn't catch our wedding video on greenweddingshoes.com, it's being featured on oncewed.com today! We're so excited for Caravan as they continue to get noticed for how ridiculously talented they are!


  1. Looks like it was a really lovely weekend! Love when good friends visit :)

  2. You are sooo right about Oregonians needing as much sun as possible:-) What a beautiful time you guys had! xoxo