Thursday, May 17, 2012


Whilst making these delicious, crunchy, roasted coconut & chocolate smothered strawberry treats, I couldn't help but day dream about summer time. Yes, I live in California now and so almost every day feels like summer. But since I spent the previous 22 summers in Oregon, it still feels magical to me. Long awaited, daydreamed, enchanting summer time. Oregon gets rain about 10 months out of the year collectively, so that precious few weeks where the sun comes out and Portlandia comes alive is treasured. I plan on roping Matt into all my summer past times this year since we aren't busying ourselves with wedding planning.

Berry picking followed by jam making, camping in the woods (Matt loves camping on the beach which I'm looking forward to trying!), iced coffee, star gazing, sun tea, playing cards on picnic tables, feather earrings, watching movies in the park and wearing lots of sandals.

These little midweek treats were the perfect taste of summer for the last couple weeks of spring.

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  1. Oh gosh Carly, this week has been fantastic here in Portland, high 70's to mid 80's.. Could not have asked for more! And yes, my days have been filled with yummy iced coffee, walking in the sun and wishing my husband wasn't already in Olympia!