Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Berry Pickin'

One of my favorite treats is raspberry jam. I love using a spoonful to top off a bowl of vanilla ice cream, slathering a warm scone or sweetening up yogurt. My wonderful mom always stocked our fridge with homemade jam growing up, so I've had a hard time switching to store bought flavor (and prices). As I've mentioned before, berry picking is one of my favorite summer pastimes and I wanted to make sure I made jam this summer. So yesterday afternoon I went over to Bean's house and with matching hats atop our heads, we headed out to Underwood Farms.

The smell of warming fruit increased and the kitchen was filled with laughter, The Lumineers and red, sugary smears. I love having a friend like Bean in my life, with similar interests and a similar heart. (I swear that girl is an Oregonian deep down!)

I couldn't resist taste-testing the jam that evening, so I baked a raspberry jam crumble pie and gave myself a stomachache indulging in my favorite fruit preserve.


  1. you guys are wonderful. i am so glad that you have bean in your life. through her, i get to experience vicariously all the things we would do together if we ever lived in the same place :)

  2. You both are adorable! Is it, by any chance, a gluten free crumble? Recipe please! :)

  3. Yay for homemade jam!! I've never made it before, but would love to! Yours looks delicious! Might have to go do a little berry picking and jamming m'self :)

  4. Good job Carly and Bean! Won't be long--you'll be selling your own line of homemade jams, chutneys, salsa--I can see it now!! :)