Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 As much as I love quiet nights in with just Matt & me, we try to split up at least once in a week. He needs a relaxed night at home to himself and I have no idea how to give that to him. (Seriously, what do you introverts need "alone time" for? What are you doing? Why can't I come?!) So last Saturday, a few of us ladies piled into the car and drove the beautiful 25 miles out to Santa Barbara. If you're wondering to yourself "I thought you lived two minutes from the beach? Why are you going all the way out there?" then you probably haven't been to Santa Barbara. It's the best. 

So, Matt got the day to himself (a dream come true for him & my worst nightmare) and I got to laugh, play and explore with my friends. Highlight: eating a huge salad, vegetarian chili & a hearty serving of cornbread for lunch. A few things that I have to enjoy away from my meat-eating, gluten-free & vegetable-intolerant husband. 

By the time I got home, I was ready for a quiet night in with my introverted husband. I don't think we'll ever fully understand each other's methods of recharging, but hopefully we'll always be really good at prioritizing them.


  1. tell me who all those gals are in the picture. i want to know your friends down there!

    1. Becky, Liz (our Ventura native who is always showing us the ropes) and the famous Elaine! You're right, I should be better at including details!

  2. Becky...Val? and Elaine! : )

    cute pants, toe- are those the ones Lizzy gave you at the reunion?

    and- do those candy sticks always make you think of Sunriver?

    I think 'why can't I come?!' sums up how I feel, as an extrovert, perfectly.

    love you!

  3. No those are my mint jeans :) I feel like ice cream when I wear them! And yes the entire candy store reminded me of Sunriver!

    Extroverts for life!

  4. Because you are such an extrovert and Matt & I share the same introverted/extraverted thing ... You guys work perfectly together. Love you, Mogs! I'm going up to camp tomorrow, and I'll be thinking of you the whole time. I haven't forgotten about calling you either :]

  5. Cute post Carly! I just have to completely agree with you on the whole introvert/extrovert thing. I am a raging extrovert, and Ryan is a major introvert. He often needs alone time to 'recharge' haha. So funny you used the same phrasing. We learned a long time ago that prioritizing the way we both recharge was super important for our marriage. I get my time out with friends, and he gets his alone/recharging time. It's a win/win :) Good work!

  6. I remembered! I remembered! drumroll please...

    'is a girl a fiance?!'