Monday, July 30, 2012

Loretta & Zach's Wedding

 Matt had the privilege of being a groomsman in his good friend Zach's wedding on Saturday. The two of them shared a room in college, inevitably resulting in a brotherhood. Zach was also a part of our wedding and blessed us greatly with his support and excitement for our relationship, so we have been looking forward to helping them celebrate their marriage for a while.

I came into Matt's group of friends pretty late in the game and missed the development of their friendships. Most of them live in different cities and are in different seasons of life, but when they all got together it was like nothing had changed. I felt like a fly on the wall of their apartment sitting with them at the reception. I mean, just look at how happy Matt is! 

A huge plate of Famous Dave's catering and cold beer didn't slow me down on the dance floor. I grabbed my date by the hand (Bethany was a class act date, by the way. I highly recommend her to anyone whose significant other is in the wedding) and didn't leave the dance floor until the bride & groom left. I was able to snag Matt off the sidelines for a romantic slow dance and convince him to join in for the last song, but other than that he unleashed me for the night to get dancing out of my system and enjoy a few conversations with the guys. (As he always rediscovers, dancing is never out of my system...)

Unfortunately, I was too busy tearing it up out there to snap a picture of the DJ! Our good friend, Nick Howell, had the mic for the night. I felt like we were all back on staff at camp together, initiating dance offs and competitions. It was a really fun night and a beautiful wedding. 

Congratulations Zach & Loretta!


  1. Yea for weddings outdoors in the warm summer air. So glad you got to dance! :))) xxx

  2. every day I think of about 74000 things to tell you but then when I get online at home I can't remember any of them.

  3. This is so beautiful! I love how comfortable and fun it looks!

  4. Looks like it was a beautiful day <3 congratulations to Zach and Loretta!