Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Trip Home

This weekend Matt and I went up to Portland to help with the annual auction Visible Grace puts on each fall. We wanted to be there to help things run smoothly since it was the first year without my sister (the founder) there, and we had secret intentions of catching a peek of Portland in it's prime time. It didn't let us down. I was in awe of the exploding colors of the leaves and the crisp air. Unfortunately, it was such a quick trip that I barely had time to absorb it! Almost all of our time was dedicated to setting up for the auction so my morning was spent running around town buying glass vases and Honey Crisp apples. And sneaking in snuggles with my estranged cat, Charles Bukowski.

Kat, faithful to Visible Grace and to me, joined me for set up while the boys slipped off to go watch football. We raced home in time to slip on our dresses and snap a few prom pictures on my parents patio before heading back to the hotel for the auction. It was a surprisingly seamless weekend and a fantastic fundraiser. My good friends Rachael & Luke played music for the event, which meant I got to sneak in a visit with them as well! Besides that and a quick visit to meet Rose's sweet baby boy Bronson, we didn't get much time to ourselves. Sorry Portlanders! Come down here and visit me once the leaves fall off and you need some sunshine. 

Below are a few pictures I took on either my phone or Kat & Luke's camera. (Apparently I'm not as great of a packer as I thought I was, as the image of the battery charger plugged into the wall back home came to my mind while on the flight to Portland.)


If you're interested in learning more about Visible Grace or catching a few of the videos shown that night, you can visit their home page here.

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