Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Beloved.

It's barely 8 o'clock in the morning as I write this, and there's already dishes in the sink, wrapping paper on the floor and the faint scent of cinnamon from our pumpkin pancakes this morning. Today is Matt's 28th birthday and I can't help but reflect on the amazing man I get to celebrate. Here are just a few reasons why...

28 things I love about Matt:

1. That incredible smile. It makes me melt.
2. His love for food.
3. How sweet and wonderful he is to his family.
4. His incredible work ethic.
5. His alter ego that makes an appearance during football games.
6. His incredible knowledge of the Bible.
7. The way his southern accent comes out when he says "everybody".
8. His amazing cooking skills!
9. The way he winks at me when we're across the room from each other.
10. His fantastic book collection that I married into.
11. The way my name looks in his handwriting.
12. How much he loves dogs!
13. The way he says "yes m'am" to everyone when we're back south.
14. How he patiently re-watches the endings of movies with me when I (without fail) fall asleep during them. (Seriously, every time! He is so sweet.)
15. What a great and loyal friend he is.
16. His personal style and industrial taste.
17. How responsible and mindful he is! He does an amazing job of taking care of me and anticipating our needs.
18. What a well-rounded man he is, I swear he is good at everything he tries!
19. How good he is at planning spontaneous, thoughtful dates for us.
20. What a perfectionist he is! Things get done right around here.
21. How great he is with kids. I swear there is never a crying child if he's around! Baby whisperer. That will come in handy.
22. His great head of hair.
23. What an honest person he is.
24. His beautiful blue eyes. They give away his every emotion!
25. His die-hard loyalty to Alabama Football! (Roll tide)
26. How patient he is with all my craft and DIY ideas, especially the ones I leave half-finished around the house.
27. The amazing shape of his mouth! (Sorry darling, I couldn't help myself!)
28. How completely unfazed he is by all my ridiculous tendencies. He takes everything I throw at him in stride!

I love you Matt! I'm so glad I get to be a part of your life everyday.


  1. Beautiful post Carly. So lovely to read about the deep, honest love you have in your life, in your husband, in your marriage. Happy for you!

  2. Happy Birthday Matt! Such a cute blog post idea Carly!

  3. You are blessed; and I am very happy for you both! Nice list.

  4. I could hear you saying #20 in my head, thank you for the italics, it made it feel like we were talking in person ;)