Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY feather mask

So far, Matt and I don't have any big Halloween plans. But, since we just moved into a neighborhood full of families with little kids, I'm assuming we're going to have some trick or treaters this year! I needed something I could throw on really quickly every time the doorbell rang. (Because seriously, how much more fun is it to receive candy from people who are dressed up? Remember?)

We'll probably be marathoning "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and feasting on caramel corn, so I figured a mask would be the easiest thing. I picked up a simple, white mask and a bag of feathers all for under $5 at Michael's.

 I replaced the elastic strap with some soft, black ribbon. Next, I cut off the tips of a handful of feathers and starting at the tip of the mask, I hot glued them in layers.

 After doing both of the points near the eyes, I snipped up small black feathers and hot glued them in layers all over, trying to keep the feathers laying in the same direction. It looked like this before I trimmed it:

Using very small, sharp scissors, I shaped the mask by trimming away all the fluff from around the edges.

I'm probably going to wear this with a black, cotton dress and some red lipstick. And if anyone asks, I'll tell them I'm a bird for Halloween!
(Although this is a very simple and affordable alternative to the expensive department store costumes, it comes with a big price: chasing after small pieces of feather all over your house! Snip the feathers carefully.) 

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