Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Matt and I have been sharing a four-drawer dresser over the last year, which has resulted in a perpetually over-flowing laundry basket of clothes on the floor. So, when my friend Stacey mentioned that she was throwing out her daughter's changing table, I was thrilled to take it off her hands and give it a quick make over. After scrubbing out the drawers, touching up the paint, distressing a little here & there and replacing some knobs, I nestled my new dresser next to our closet and cleaned out that basket of clothes for good.

The dresser was missing a few of the white knobs, so I moved them around and picked up those bronze birdies at World Market for a few dollars a piece. To display jewelery & hair pieces, I'm using our wooden dessert tier. (Of course, I couldn't resist putting a few decorative touches on Matt's while I was at it....)

I finally got motivated to unpack and organize my craft stuff! For the past two months, everything has been in tubs stacked on top of that counter or spread out on the floor after I would rummage around to make something (which by the way, is the entry way to the back door, not a very convenient place to make a mess...). Now, thanks to a little help from IKEA and Martha Stewart, everything is tucked away into a compartment, basket or file. I hardly even recognize my own things!

That's a little peek of what we've been up to. We're heading up to Portland next weekend! I can't wait to see some changing leaves, visit family and get a little taste of true fall weather. (Speaking of fall, I shared a few style ideas over here today.)


  1. This is a really cute dresser! Clever. i am loving those little birdie knobs!!! Have fun in Portland!

  2. come to portland now! how can i ensure that we are sitting at your table? cannot wait to share the authentic auction experience with matt and help you set up of course.

  3. LOVE this dresser!! So cute! You've inspired me to get going on all my unfinished DIY projects sitting sadly neglected in my garage :)