Thursday, August 2, 2012


This is a tour of our new house that I wish I could take my mom on, but a virtual version will have to do.

As you walk in, the living room is to your right.

I took this standing near the fireplace.

Standing from the kitchen peering into the pantry/craft storage.

A peak into the back room.

Taken from the back room. 

We couldn't resist having an empty house sleep over to celebrate getting the keys. Our air mattress kept us awake all night (sorry Kat & Luke, we made you guys sleep on that during your visit!), but it was still fun to wake up in the morning to the place we'll now call home, filled with morning light, and enjoy coffee on the front porch. 

My photography and touring skills leave something to be desired, so I guess you guys will just have to come visit us and see the rest. I didn't take any pictures of the garden or backyard or my favorite part, the kitchen. (I keep finding myself greeting the dishwasher whenever I walk through...)

I better get back to googling "composting" and "organic gardening", but if anyone asks, I'm packing. 


  1. This makes me SOOOO happy. Can wait to move in to my room :)

  2. I'm sooo excited for you! Look at all those gorgeous built-ins and hardwood floors <3 you have a beautiful and loving home waiting for you guys! Can't wait to visit (hopefully soon)!

  3. O my goodness! I am so happy for you guys! Empty house sleepovers are the best! When Ryan and I were about to take possession of our new home (about 3 years ago now) we had a somewhat illegal empty house sleepover. We were to get possession in mid January, but we were able to get the keys from our builder rep right before the Christmas break. So, we snuck in on Christmas eve and slept over in our new home. It was perfect! Totally know the feeling and so happy you do too! Congratulations. I'm excited to see how you decorate this beautiful space!

  4. it's beautiful, sister! I can't wait to see pics once you put up all your crafts and your Salinger collection.

  5. this is all a trick (moving every few months) to ensure that you guys will have lots of visitors, huh? because you know that our curiosity will get the best of us and pictures won't satiate our appetites.

    well, i do have 96 hours of Paid Time Off i have to use and easy access to buddy passes... :)

    p.s. the air mattress wasn't that bad!