Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 One of the many things we love about our house is the garden that we've inherited. Both the back and front yard are filled with mature fruit trees, plants and herb gardens. The back yard has a few young tomato plants that I'm determined to keep alive.

Here's our little rosemary plant that's been spicing up our dinner the last couple nights. I didn't take pictures of our wilting basil plant, because I'm ashamed of how much I've sabotaged it within the week that we've been here.

Bean came over yesterday to see our new place. She has a thriving vegetable garden of her own so she was able to give me some tips and helped me tie up the branches to keep them off the ground. I'm excited to get my hands dirty out there and see if I can actually keep something alive.

After mixing coffee grounds and egg shells in the soil with a spoon this morning, I headed out to the flea market to see if I could find some old gardening tools. I went later in the day and was able to snag these items for a great price, including the rocking chair! What's the use of having a porch and garden to look out on if you don't have a rocking chair to sit in?

I can't wait to repaint that chair and maybe sew a little seat pillow for it. I'm hoping to find a few more gardening tools with wooden handles and paint them white. Not a very practical color for something used in the garden, but when has practicality slowed me down?

My mom has always had a beautiful, flourishing garden, but apparently green thumbs aren't hereditary. As those poor plants are at my mercy, I could use all the advice I can get!


  1. You can't trust advice from me. I killed a succulent! I thought they were impossible to kill....apparently not :(

  2. Looks good. I see fried green tomatoes in your future! Yummm.

  3. we are SUCH freaking 'tos. wanna guess which two plants I planted yesterday?

  4. haha k frist of all, love the flea market finds. second, I too am a murderer of basil. The one herb I have trouble keeping alive. Other than that though, everything looks amazing! Gardening is so relaxing and rewarding. Enjoy!

  5. The most encouragin piece of advice I heard while I still had my garden was that it's okay to kill plants. Not in the way of intentionally killing them, but every time a plant gets sick or overwatered or underloved, you learn how not to treat that type of plant in the future.