Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 Finally, my favorite part of moving has arrived: decorating. Now that (mostly) everything has been unpacked and put away, I've been styling our house and getting to some DIY projects that were put on hold while we were living in our smaller place. I bought this miniature hutch at a rummage sale fundraiser for Daisy Merrick a while back and finally got my hands on it this week.

  It ended up costing me less than ten dollars to do! I bought sample sized paint & primer at Home Depot ($6) and a weaved place mat from IKEA ($3). At some point, I'd like to line the inside shelves with
 fabric, but for now this little baby is tucked in our entry way, reminding us of Daisy's incredible story.

One of the downsides of renting a house is not being able to paint the walls, so I hung a few embroidery hoops on one of the empty walls. (Not pictured: the large embroidery hoop with linen in it and a very crooked stitching of "home sweet home"...)

I must say, Matt is quite gracious about living in such a girly house. Usually our styles mix together really well in a modern-yet-rustic sort of way. I make an effort to reflect masculinity in my decorating with wire baskets and earth tones, but then the next thing you know, we have paper pom pom clusters hanging over his record player. Poor guy.

We're heading out this weekend to celebrate our one-year anniversary! We've rented a little cabin in the woods near Yosemite National Park. Neither of us have been there before so we're really looking forward to it. This week it's been fun to think back on what I was doing a year ago. Right about now I was being buried half alive in lace, burlap and hot glue. I can't believe it's already been a year!


  1. been waiting weeks for this post. thanks for the sneak peek at what you've been doing while you talk to me :)

  2. That little hutch is adorable and I love the colour scheme you went with! The place mat as backing for the door is brilliant. It really looks so lovely now. The embroidery hoops are so cute too. LOVE the fabrics you chose. Happy anniversary by the way! Hope you have a lovely time away :)

  3. Everything looks great! Happy almost Anniversary! So happy for you guys (still, go figure)! Keep up the great housewifery ;)