Thursday, April 19, 2012


 We've had a few reasons to dress up this week. (I couldn't resist taking a few photos since we don't look this polished very often!) Our plan for this trip was to be here in time to celebrate Grandma's birthday on Tuesday. We had a lovely breakfast that morning at Cracker Barrel with her and Matt's Aunt Amy (Neysa & Roy, you were missed). It seems so southern to me in there, but Cracker Barrel restaurants are as west as Arizona! They have the most delicious, fluffy pancakes & a rustic front store on your way to the dining room. 

 We even got to sing her happy birthday, thanks to our sweet server, Tomi, who is among the few people in this world who agree it's acceptable to eat chocolate cake in the morning. 

Another life we got to celebrate while we're here was Matt's grandfather, who passed away a few days after we arrived. We are thankful for God's unexpected timing in all of this that allowed us to surround his family during this time and support them.

I love this picture of them. This frame hangs in the doorway of their incredible, historical three-level home. Matt had the extreme privilege of retelling part of their love story during the service and bringing to life the hope we have through Scripture. I was so blessed to be a part of the celebration of his life this week and get to know the wonderful family he started. 

It is so evident to me how loved, missed, cherished & respected Stanley, affectionally known as Paski by his grandchildren, is and will continue to be. 


  1. God's unexpected timing is best isn't it. What a blessing to have you guys there to, I'm sure, help in the healing. Wow!

  2. what do you mean, that you don't usually look that polished? you guys are one of the most polished couples i know all of the time.:) i am so thankful that you and matt could be there to love on matt's family during this time. wow!

  3. So sorry to hear that Matt's grandfather passed away so recently. At the same time, it is amazing to see how God's timing factors into these things. I am sure Matt's family was tremendously blessed to have you both their to help celebrate his grandfather's life.

  4. one thing is for certain- you look absolutely adorable!!! xo