Saturday, April 7, 2012

A summer-like spring.

It's been a pretty busy weekend for us around here. Yesterday I got to help celebrate my lovely friend Elaine's birthday by hosting some ladies & serving up some sangria. Those mommas get crazy , let me tell you. 

This morning I held a booth at the spring craft fair! I was able to talk my friend Louri into joining me, which was half the fun. I'd always rather do something alongside someone. Otherwise I would've been making snide remarks about the 80's cover band to myself. 
 Here are a couple snaps from the day:

Overall it was a really great day. After the fifth or sixth mom came up to my booth holding her son & peering around at my unintentionally sexist product line, I realized it's time to put out some boy items. I have a few ideas written down, hopefully I'll get started on those this week! 

Ending our day with a neighborhood stroll. 

Happy Easter weekend! 

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  1. How come I can only follow by email??? i love your new blog!