Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Penn Burger

We headed over to Matt's grandparent's house to spend our last day in North Alabama with them. As I mentioned before, they live in an incredible house in the historic district of Decatur. We circled the blocks a few times and I couldn't stop exclaiming "look at that house!" 

This is the house next door and I couldn't help but take a picture of their adorable porch set up! It looks like the cover of Southern Living to me. I want to sit on those steps and drink sweet tea, please. 

We continued our walk around town and came across C.F. Penn Hamburgers. Despite severe warning from my mother-in-law, we stepped inside to taste the infamous deep-fried burgers. 

 I cautiously took my first bite, and then inhaled the rest of it. I decided not to post pictures of the vat of grease that the burgers float around in before you order them (God only knows how long they've been in there, by the way). Because who knows, I wouldn't want that picture to get into the wrong hands and close them down. I'm kidding. 
I think. 

Matt's family will probably never let me live it down, but those things were GOOD. It probably took a few years off my life, but I'd eat one again. They're celebrating their 85th Anniversary this Saturday. Good work, C.F., we love your burgers. 

Isn't that beautiful? Not sure if it's a farm or a house, but I love it. I took that while we were driving on the freeway, heading to Birmingham. It was great to get so much unexpected time with that side of Matt's family but now we're heading a bit more south for the second half of our trip! 

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  1. Love it, love it! I want to visit Alabama now!