Wednesday, April 18, 2012


On Sunday morning, we popped into Matt's church and surprised everyone. I love visiting his old church family there. Everyone is so unbelievably hospitable and loving. Pictured below are Ron & Donna, two of the most caring and sweet people I've ever met! With tears in her eyes, Donna told me that having us at church that morning was like having her children come home. We loved seeing everyone there! We'll be back soon, Shiloh. 

After church & lunch, we went over to Renae & Cory's house for a visit. Renae went to high school with Matt so she's always good for a few embarrassing stories about him. Their vivacious little boy, Carter, is the one snuggled up in my lap. Don't be fooled, that's probably the only time he stopped talking, dancing or posing the entire time we were there. That kid is way too smart & friendly for his own good. Good luck Renae! 

One of my favorite things about the south is all the brick. It's so timeless. It's hard to find a neighborhood that's not peppered with beautiful, brick homes. I just love it. 

Why don't we make all buildings out of bricks?


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  2. I totally agree...all buildings should be made out of brick. It's so charming. Looks like a lovely Sunday. I adore your sweet blog! Xo

  3. hahaha love the big and tasty picture of something fry'n!

  4. Nothing better then a beautiful brick building, classic! How fun for you two go and visit some of his childhood memories :) I bet everyone was excited to see him!