Friday, April 27, 2012


 I'm sure southerners think it's laughable how much I love the Alabama shrubbery, but I couldn't stop taking pictures of it! It's beautiful out there.

 On our last morning, we went to another favorite, the Waffle House. They had surprisingly good coffee for a chain restaurant with questionable FDA codes...

We're home now. It feels good to be back, but it was so hard to leave. I already miss the family so much. Towards the end of our trip, our afternoons were spent sitting with Grandma, drinking sweet tea while she shared stories with us. She told us about picking cotton in the field as a girl, what it was like when women started wearing pants and the sorrow that came through World War II. She is full of endless commentary, which I love and value anytime we're around her. Of course, this means she is full of stories about her first grandson.

Including pictures. Isn't he a stud? Style & swag since the very beginning. I loved seeing all the old pictures of their family. (Let me tell you, Grandma was quite the dish!) It was hard to say good-bye to them, but hopefully we'll see them sooner than later.

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