Friday, June 15, 2012

Alberta Street

Oregon summers are as alluring as they are persuasive. They are the answer to "why do people stay here?" The sun shines and stays out until 9 at night or later. The streets are comfortably full of people bopping along like there's a sound track in the background. Eating outside feels luxurious, wearing shorts is a privilege and everyone switches to drinking iced coffee for a couple months. 

I'm home for two weeks, without Matt. This morning, as I drove down Alberta street, parked in front of my favorite bakery to meet the ever-so darling Saki Jane for brunch, I realized I missed living here. I saw people walking their bikes slowly, soaking in the rays they've been waiting 9 months for. I miss the excitement of Oregon summers and the way it redeems the city. 

After we finished our delicious meals, Saki & I walked down to one of our favorite craft stores and milled about, verbally creating projects from section to section. I left with a small, paper bag filled with houndstooth washi tape Saki spoiled me with and a happy heart. I love Portland summers like I love long, leisurely breakfasts with old friends. 


  1. The craft store looks marvelous! I LOVE washi tape :) Have a ton of fun in Portland, I'm kind of jealous!

  2. Carlie! I'm so happy I got to see you for brunch and collage that day :) I miss you already <3 I'll see you in Ventura next!