Saturday, June 23, 2012

My favorite place

After I said good bye to my sister on Wednesday, I promptly drove down to Eugene, into Brittney's arms who was awaiting my arrival with wine & Girl Scout cookies in hand. That girl hooks it up. To keep myself busy while she was at work, I drove up to one of my favorite spots on earth, Camp Tadmor. I have spent almost every summer of my life in those woods (one way or another) and a trip to Oregon wouldn't be complete without a quick walk around the lake and a stolen Otter Pop from the staff freezer. The twenty minute drive from civilization up to camp is peppered with beautiful farms, rivers and fields. I kept finding myself slowing down to absorb each scene and leave my windows down to let the country air roll in (except when I drove past the infamous chicken farm). I pulled over to snap a few pictures to take home with me, including Bates Bridge which all my friends use to jump off of on the weekends. Don't worry, Dad, I was the one standing off to the side holding their towels and shaking my head. Nostalgia took it's toll on me that day. I miss those woods, those roads.

On my way back to Portland I got to stop into Salem and say hi to a few sweet friends, including the always-lovely Molly. We had lunch at Wild Pear and spent a little time downtown (and she was quite tolerant of my sleep deprivation from such a busy few days). Love you Molls!

Only a few more days in the beautiful Northwest to go! (I rewrote that sentence and took out the word "left" so it didn't rhyme. You're welcome.)


  1. Good times! I recall many a time taking and picking up you and your pals down there. What a great blessing it was and so cool that it still is! Just think of the great impact good old Tadmor had on you; and in turn you had on so many others. Glad you got to visit and reminisce. We love having you around. -Dad

  2. Looks so gorgeous, and I kind of want that soup in the last photo :)

  3. these pictures are great, you have a beautiful blog =)


  4. Love! Every Oregonian who comes home to visit SHOULD post lots of scenic pictures! Well done!