Monday, June 4, 2012



We had a really full, fun weekend. It's been a busy month with lots of visitors, so on Friday night we got to wind down from the week on a sushi date (yes, I still order Shirley Temples...), watch a movie together and shamelessly go to bed before 10.

Saturday our friends hosted a pancake breakfast to meet and hang out with their neighbors, so we went over there and joined in on the feast. It was fun to meet new people and serve breakfast alongside our community, but I'll admit that a personal highlight for me was the cinnamon & brown sugar pear compote that Louri made to drizzle over pancakes. I said goodbye to my social skills for a while and enjoyed three fluffy, gluten pancakes (a special treat away from Matt's diet) smothered in buttery sauce and sweet pears. If Matt and I had a driveway, or any extra space at all, we'd do the same thing (just to get the pear compote, obviously...)


  1. Yummmy- I wanted to do a "meet and greet the new neighbors" event too, perhaps a BBQ or something. Anyways this is such a great idea!

  2. This looks like such a fun way to meet people in your neighborhood! Add pear compote on top, sign me up! :D