Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good-bye Oregon

I'm back in Ventura! These pictures are the last few days of my trip according to my iPhone! I happened to be home during my dear friend Rose's first baby shower (which I crashed...). Rose & her husband Jake are two of my favorite people so it was quite easy to celebrate the idea of them being parents. I got to see lots of other wonderful friends that day too, including my friend Steph and her sweet baby Ezra! She let me snuggle him all morning. To cope with the symptoms of Baby Fever after that, I put in lots of time snuggling the kitten at Chelsea's house! I'm sure she will be posting lots of better-quality pictures on her blog. I had a fantastic end to my trip at the Bonham's, enjoying fresh, strawberry rhubarb crisp over good conversation. Feasting on warm, fruit-filled desserts is a favorite past time of ours, so that night felt like the good ol' days with Kat when we lived within a tank of gas. Have I mentioned I have wonderful friends?

I am so thankful that my generous parents allowed me to borrow their car to zip around Oregon the past two weeks. I am beyond blessed to have so many wonderful, life-giving friendships in so many cities of my home state! (Either that or I have a frustrating tendency to make friends in inconvenient places...) These pictures are a mere glimpse at my time at home and hardly even captures all the quality time I had with quality people.

The only thing missing was my beloved. And the sunshine.


  1. Carly!! I think I live close to you (... I think)!! I just moved to California and we live in Upland (the inland empire)! We should hang out!

    Sara Harris

  2. Oh you put me on the spot... ga gotttt tooo posttt. :)))Cute pictures!