Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When Venus passed over the sun, we were...

...laying on the beach peering through "solar safe screens" that my nerdy husband ordered for us. I wasn't as interested in it as Matt was (the man got off work early for this, people), but I did appreciate seeing it. You can't tell from the picture I included, but Venus looked like a tiny, poppyseed-sized dot on the sun. It made me feel very, very small. It was very sobering to be sitting on a blanket, munching chips, sipping Starbucks and watching a planet the size of ours drift over the sun like a dirt speck in a pool. 

After, we went to Red Robin for gluten-free burgers and milkshakes in honor of my dad's birthday! 

Happy birthday Dad! 

Speaking of June birthdays, I turn 24 on Saturday! I remember thinking I'd have multiple kids and wear strictly sweater sets and Gap jeans by now. Funny...


  1. No kids, no sweater sets, no gap jeans, no problem! Twenties are meant to be enjoyed like this: ordering sun screens, laying on the beach, basically doing what ever you feel like! :))))

  2. the milkshake redemption! looks like a good one.

  3. Haha what a cute post! How fun that you watched Venus pass over the Sun! I can understand that would be a very sobering/amazing moment. It was super cloudy here, so we didn't get to see it unfortunately.

    As for the birthday, happy early birthday! Very funny about the sweater sets and kids. I can relate. Although I'm happy that reality has held off just a little while longer. I need to warm up to Gap sweater sets. And that's going to take a little while yet ;)

    1. Yes and you guys have that sweet kitty to keep you busy! :)

  4. Happy early birthday!!! I'm glad you're not wearing sweater sets yet :-)

  5. That milkshake looks absolutely amazing right now! And I didn't know Red Rob had gluten free things!!

    For the Record

  6. Happy Almost Birthday beautiful! I thought the same thing {about multiple kids by now}. I realized if I get pregnant within the next 4 months, I will be the same age my mother was when she had me, I got a little weepy :)